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Is immigration for us virtual series 2023

Is immigration for our community, and how does it help local businesses?

This series will explore how immigration has been a strategy for population growth and workforce development in communities throughout the Prairies.

These workshops will result in you understanding how Canadian immigration can be used to build community capacity and create positive economic development. In addition, you will learn what other communities & businesses have invested into these strategies to create a sustainable quality of life for newcomers leading to long-term economic growth.

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What amount of time should I expect to commit?

This series will be delivered in 9 sessions with each session ranging from 45 – 60 minutes directly to you online featuring various sessions, divided into two to three sessions per day from 11 am to 1 pm CST.

Each day will lead with an on-line immigration pathway learning event followed by a speaker who has utilized these strategies! Now, that’s what we call “learn & apply” .

Our audience is for:

Municipal leaders, staff and economic developers are struggling to sustain their population and to devise a strategy on how to grow it.

Businesses who are thinking about not expanding or even closing because of the lack of workers. Businesses who are not sure if immigration is for them.

Entrepreneurs looking to reach into rural & northern Canada but not sure if the labour market is there or how to attract the talent needed.

Over the time spent with us, you will learn:

If you do not know if immigration is for you or need to understand how immigration can actually assist you then, yes ... the "Is Immigration For Us" Virtual Series 2023 is for you!

In order to answer if Immigration can enhance economic development in your community, the series will feature:

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This timely 9-part series introduces you to the importance of immigration and also allows you the time to explore if immigration is the right growth strategy for your business or community now, or in the future. The workshops range from 45 minutes to 60 minutes per session in length so you have over a day’s worth of learning to listen to and learn from.  This series is designed for business owners, community planners & volunteers and municipal government & staff.  So save yourself money & time from travelling and learn from the comfort of your own home or office. 

Questions? We have answers!

Because you do not know if immigration is a strategy for you yet, we want you to save time from driving, and not spend your hard-earned dollars on hotel rooms, meals and mileage. The extremely low all access pass itself, is less than one night spent on accommodations, so that alone is a deal!

Let's take you from being curious about if immigration can be your main growth strategy to understanding how it may just be what you were looking for!

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