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Immigration Services

Spousal Sponsorship

The spousal sponsorship visa is known for its complexity and lengthy process. As this application takes up to a year to process, having a faultless submission is critical to avoid delays and added costs. With years of experience in spousal sponsorship, our consultants understand the requirements and have an understanding of the communication required to successfully submit an application. 

We provide support and advice throughout the entire sponsorship journey, communicating with the government on your behalf. Saving you the time and energy, better spent relocating in your new home country.

Immigration Services
Home & Child Support Workers

One of the best immigration pathways for both prospective immigrants and Canadian employers alike. With numerous Canadians in need of in-home care for their loved ones, there will be an increasing demand for Home Care Workers. The HSW/HCCP application requires lots of detail and a well thought out explanation of how the job offer is genuine and how this is filling a sincere need. Our team has 12 years of career consulting and can develop a comprehensive and compelling case for you and your employer.

It is important to note that if any document, application form, or even a signature or date is missing the full application will be returned as if it was never submitted. As this application takes one year to process it is critical to have all the immigration forms and required documents submitted properly the first time.

This program has certain requirements so please enquire for further information.

Immigration Services

Professionals & Skilled Workers

Skilled workers are in very high demand and the Canadian government is working with employers to ensure they will be keeping their current foreign workers in Canada, permanently.

There are several programs that you may be able to access such as the Rural & Northern Immigraion Pilot, the CUSMA Professional, International Exchange Canada, Agri-food immigration project just to name a few. It all depends on your education & experience so connect with us to receive your complimentary 30 minute discovery call.

Immigration Services
Manitoba & Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

100th Meridian will assist you and your employer to understand both of these processes as well as guide you through from applying for nomination to the end goal of becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada. 

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Emily L.

There are not enough words to describe how grateful I am to have worked with Lindsay and 100th Meridian Immigration. She was professional, hard-working, and successful in helping me through the process of receiving my permanent residency through the Federal Skilled Workers Program. She guided me through all the paperwork and steps of the process. 


Madhav K.

I had a phenomenal experience with Lindsay as she was professional and well versed in the Canadian jungle of immigration. Highly Recommended! Quick back story: I had made some errors in my first “Canadian Experience Class” PR application which led to the rejection of my application by IRRC. Fortunately, I came across Lindsay who offered her impressive expertise for my second attempt. She had a very efficient process to review and ensure that all elements of my application were complete and accurate. Even after I had submitted my application, she was kind enough to reach out to me to see my progress in the application and offered her time to better explain the situation, despite the ever changing environment Covid-19 has imposed us all in. I am glad to say that I have officially received my PR status, thanks to Lindsay, and highly recommend her to anyone who is in the same pursuit of immigration.

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