Recruit and retain skilled workers

Keep your business running. Recruit & retain employees.

Keep your business running

Recruit & retain employees.

The number one resource in your business is your employees.

If you are business owner who knows their product or service but finding it impossible to locate qualified workers, this is for you.

A Labour Market Impact Assessment is a viable choice to recruit and retain skilled workers from abroad! Let us lead you through the LMIA process so your business can have the ability to secure long-term employees.

"I have heard LMIAs can be difficult."

You bet they are but they are worth it!

The issue is LMIAs are not simple...

Even though it seems straightforward when you read the Government of Canada’s direction of how to apply and complete the application, they are vague, at best. All the application directions do is leave the employer confused and frustrated.

After a long process and best effort put in by the employer the LMIA application often is refused. Technical issues by a government officer are cited with no recourse or application refund.

Time and money are wasted, let’s make that not happen. Your business is already running below capacity, you cannot afford for this to happen.

However, you found me! I am very reliable and will work collaboratively with you and your team to get this done.

It is my job to do know the details and requirements of the Labour Market Impact Assessment for a positive approval. You do not need to bother with those details.

You only need to bring me what you already know – your business particulars and your labour force requirements.

Through the LMIA process we will lead you through the process, complete the paper work and obtain the documents necessary for you to recruit a skilled worker who can commit to serve your business for the long-term.

I understand the challenges that employers face on the prairies

The number one resource in your

business is your employee

Your time matters and is valuable.

You have enough to do in your personal and business life then spend your evenings and early mornings learning about a labour recruitment process that is complex at best.

I understand the challenges that employers face on the Prairies to find and keep skilled workers.

With Canada being the 4th highest in the world wide for staff turn-overs, it is understandable that advertising and hoping that a great candidate will apply locally or move within Canada is unrealistic at best.

You need a strategy as hope is not going help you sustain a solid employee strategy.

Together we will make a great team.

Let’s get this done!

"I want my business to have all the advantages 
it can when it comes to committed employees."

How can I get more information on LMIA process and working with 100th Meridian?

It’s so refreshing to have an immigration consultant who actually cares about you...

Lindsay is honestly amazing to work with, it’s so refreshing to have an immigration consultant who actually cares about you and the outcome not just a pay cheque! She was so helpful and put so much time and effort into my immigration application and it turned out a success and I am now a Canadian permanent resident!

Kait Y

Exemplary guidance and communications always...

The consultant services were smooth and professional with exemplary guidance and communications always. Lindsay is professional and reliable as well as skilled and knowledgeable. She is highly recommended.

Victor V